Perfect Property Resources (PPR) Construction Company is a contracting and construction management firm in South Florida. We offer personalized, professional service in a cost-effective and timely approach without sacrificing quality. Since our inception, we have been specializing in institutional construction such as schools, healthcare, municipalities, and airports. We also have a dedicated team who specializes on commercial and residential construction. Our company routinely manages new construction as well as interior renovations all throughout South Florida and the Caribbean Islands.

Perfect Property Resources (PPR) name is well known in the industry. We have a repeat customer base of over 90%; a testament to the quality work that we perform and the competitive value we offer. We have developed great relationships with a large base of subcontractors so we are able to give our clients the best value for top quality.
Our commitment to executive involvement and client satisfaction with a no-nonsense, focused approach is key to the success of our projects. PPR prides itself on its expertise in difficult construction environments. For example, we are accustomed to the unique requirements of complex operations occurring within international airports, healthcare facilities, and college systems. Whether your undertaking involves special hiring needs, security concerns, or cleanliness matters, our experience on high profile projects enables us to tackle distinct and unusual assignments.
Part of PPR’s good business sense involves offering a diverse workforce of skilled and dedicated professionals possessing broad experience. As testament to our commitment to community, our staff reflects all age groups of the various ethnicities of South Florida. Having worked in the area for up to 40 years, these individuals know local commerce and the special considerations of building in a subtropical climate. The solid relationships we have with local authorities and construction-industry businesses pave the way for a problem-free process.


Perfect Property Resources (PPR) Construction Company is a full service contracting and construction management firm. Using the latest production and building technology, we offer personalized, professional service in a cost-effective and timely approach without sacrificing quality. PPR’s commitment to ensure executive involvement, project success, and client satisfaction has made “integrity” our second name! Regardless of the size or scope of a project, PPR Construction’s dedication is unsurpassed. “We are not the largest commercial contractor, and we do not choose to be. We give our clients the best service by providing personalized attention, and we work very hard to ensure each project is a success and every customer is satisfied with our work,” says President Frank Murray. PPR Construction has earned its reputation by providing customer service and quality construction within the guidelines of today’s competitive marketplace.
We assist our clients in obtaining the most cost effective competitive construction service through quality subcontractors. Our commitment to customer service, deadlines and budgets has earned us respect as well as success. PPR’s capabilities carry a program or project from inception to completion. Through preconstruction, design, construction and turnover, we focus on achieving the owner’s goals for cost, schedule and quality. Combining seasoned personnel, specialized expertise and state-of-the art management information systems, we have established a track record for successful project delivery.


Preconstruction sets the stage for the entire project. During this critical stage of the project, scheduling, cost estimating, scope of work development and sequencing are reviewed. Our team is specialized in performing design reviews to check for concept and completeness. Our quantity takeoffs and pricing is detailed. PPR has an extensive database of historical and current local construction and engineering cost figures including labor, material, and equipment cost. Our value engineering routinely saves our customers money and adds value to their projects.


Under the Construction Management at Risk approach, the Owner enters into an agreement with a Contractor early in the design process which allows the project to be designed and built in partnership with the Design Professional, the Contractor, and the Owner in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation, constructability, frugality, and quality, for the best price possible in today’s market.
Because of this teamwork and partnering, this method provides many advantages to Owners who deem quality, cost, and schedule of the utmost importance. These advantages include establishing a reliable budget, reducing design errors, and providing transparency with fees and costs. At a 50% to 60% design level is an ideal time to enter into this partnership to optimize the best value for the project. The preconstruction phase allows for the delivery of a quality product that responds to the needs of the Owner.
A large number of PPR’s projects are delivered via the Construction Management at Risk approach. Our preconstruction team knows how to effectively work with the design team by providing input and value engineering suggestions.


Perfect Property Resources (PPR) Construction’s solid and long history with many quality subcontractors around South Florida, combined with our in-house team of laborers who self-perform select work, make us a competitive general contractor. By managing the project in a way that minimizes change orders as much as possible, we are able to build relationships based on performance.

For Owners who prefer the simplicity of having one party undertake the responsibility for design and construction, the design-build method is an option. Under this system, the design-build team performs the complete design of the facility, usually based on a preliminary scope or design presented by the Owner.
PPR Construction is able to provide design-build services to offer Clients a smooth and efficient process. Our team will take much of the burden from the Owner during construction while still taking full consideration of their input.


Perfect Property Resources (PPR) Construction advocates green building as we stay abreast of environmentally sound construction practices. We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and several of our staff members are certified as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professionals. We are available to shepherd sustainability and environmental design features into the construction, offering the potential for Clients to earn green building certification.
Since we recognize the need to reduce the environmental footprint through our work, we are committed to employing green practices on our job sites and also in our office. At our jobsites we routinely employ methods such as air quality control, minimizing volatile organic compounds, and recycling waste materials when possible. Our sustainable responsibility continues in the office by doing things such as purchasing recycled products, turning off lights and electronics when not in use, and reusing supplies when possible.
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